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Buy dislikes on YouTube

YouTube is a place where everyone can watch videos, like or dislike them, share, etc. More importantly, using this platform people gain money. Though, at first, they have to popularize YouTube channels and then these channels bring profit. It’s obvious that likes and views popularize content, but what about dislikes? Can someone buy dislikes on YouTube and make channel more popular, let’s find out.

Dislikes on YouTube — how they can be used?

First case of using dislikes which comes into mind — ordering dislikes for competitors. Imagine, two channels have viewers, but owner first one wants to make second less popular, so he orders negative reactions.

It’s unethical and may be useless for client who ordered such option. Why useless? Owner of channel, who received all fake thumbs-down, may send a request to YouTube administration. They check whether negative reactions are real or fake. If they are fake, then they are deleted by administration.

If someone desperately needs thumbs-down, at least they may check how they are generated. If they are made by fake accounts, then definitely they will be deleted.

If dislikes are left overnight, obviously they will be deleted. Imagine, is it possible that thousand viewers dislike one video during only twelve hours? Of course, it’s not possible.

So, if there is a necessity to buy YouTube dislikes for another channel, make sure that company where you order them, leave them during an extended period of time.

But there are ways of exploiting dislikes which help in promoting personal channel. Such idea sounds unreal and unworthy, but there are ways of popularizing YouTube channels by using thumbs-down. Let’s check them out:

  • It’s not possible when video has thousands of views, hundred of likes and zero thumbs-down. People’s nature is different — some like videos because they like them, others dislike video-content simply because they don’t like the length of video, voice, etc.

If someone bought hundreds of likes and thousands of views, he needs to make sure that video receives negative reactions. Video-content with huge number of likes and lack of dislikes may persuade people that likes and views where bought. So, thumbs down create more trustworthy atmosphere.

  • Thumbs down on YouTube may be used as means of manipulating people’s thoughts. Imagine, someone left a negative comment under a video. Instead of deleting it, channel owner may buy YouTube dislikes for such comment. People would think — other users dislike this comment, so it’s not true what a person wrote.

So, sometimes negative reactions may bring positive results, you only need how to use them. Another question which comes into mind — what dislikes are better. Let’s find out.

What YouTube dislikes are better?

Generated dislikes will bring channel owner nowhere, especially if he orders them to someone else’s channel. YouTube checks videos so that they can find out what users use additional, prohibited methods.

If dislikes are generated overnight, they definitely will be removed. Same rule works for likes and views, especially if all of them come from one country or city.

Some time ago users exploited fake YouTube accounts, but nowadays these accounts need to be verified by phone number. Using such accounts people may create maximum hundred dislikes.

Best method — buy YouTube dislikes from real people. Only authentic likes from real people won’t look suspicious. Such dislikes would look as if all YouTube dislikes came naturally.

But where can someone buy such dislikes from real people? There’s an answer.

Viplikes — buy quality, real YouTube dislikes

It’s a company with more than five years of experience. This means — we know how everything works on YouTube. We have numerous advantages, especially if in comparison with other similar companies.

  • Years of experience help us in promoting YouTube channels efficiently.
  • All YouTube dislikes are made by real people. We have never used special software since we understand — it will be detected by YouTube administration.
  • Thumbs-down come from users all corners of our world. It’s important, since YouTube analytics show from where come views, likes, dislikes. If all of them come from one area, most likely they are fake.
  • Negative reactions won’t come overnight — such activity counts as suspicious. It can attract unnecessary YouTube administration attention.
  • Prices are low — we sell one thousand dislikes for seventeen dollars, at the same time other companies sell same number for at least hundred dollars.
  • We stay in touch — if clients have problems, they can contact us and receive immediate answer. Twenty-four, seven day, we are ready to answer questions and fix any problem.

To sum up, we offer only quality service for low price. Accounts which leave thumbs down, are real, so they won’t attract attention. If there is a need, anyone may buy dislikes on YouTube on Viplikes.

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