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Most of us at least once either have heard or have read about people, who are able to achieve hundreds of thousands of dollars using YouTube. Such profit can’t even be considered as additional, especially if a person receives less money on a regular job. Not only popular bloggers may benefit from this huge video-platform, brand owners can advertise their products and popularize them amongst YouTubers. Even huge companies have YouTube accounts since it’s part of the marketing campaign.

Because of the monetization system all of us are able to monetize YouTube accounts and gain money by recording videos. It doesn’t matter for what purpose we use this video-platform – to become famous YouTuber, to gin money by advertising someone’s brands, to promote own brand. In these cases, people need views of videos, or no income will be produced or fame gained. Subscribers on YouTube also influence profit, as much as comments or likes. Let’s find out what special YouTube features help in promoting accounts.


Youtube Views USA Photo

Youtube Views

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USA Youtube Views

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Youtube Subscribers

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Youtube Likes


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Youtube Dislikes

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Youtube Comments

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Youtube Comment Likes

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Youtube Reshare

YouTube Views

Of course, without views video won’t be popular. It won’t make sense to upload content on YouTube if no one will watch it. In such case YouTube views help. People from all corners of the world watch it, some of them click on advertisement if creator enables such option. YouTube views produce profit and with their help content and his creator obtains deserved fame.

Those who promote businesses or brands may record videos of their products and upload it on YouTube. For example, one of the products has some features and characteristics which makes it unique. Record a video and show these features on YouTube – such advertising works. In such case if a person receives views, at least some part of these views will produce new customers. Here you can gain YouTube views and popularize your channel.

USA YouTube Views

This service will be extremely productive for company owners which function only in the United States. Why so? Some companies operate only within one country. If these organizations advertise their products and their goal is to persuade viewers to buy them, then they need only American citizens who will watch video-content. It’s useless to advertise a brand, while mostly people from other countries watch videos. They won’t manage to buy these items. So, USA YouTube viewers will do the trick.

If a person is an owner of a bakery store, or provides services which can be received only in the States, he needs views from USA. In such case a person wants his target audience to watch videos on YouTube. It’s natural, since only USA citizens may order something. If you are interested in USA YouTube views, visit this page.

YouTube Subscribers

If someone wants to be one of the first people to find out about new contents, he presses on “subscribe” button. In notifications YouTube subscribers see when someone to whom he is subscribed uploaded new content. Even if they subscribe and forget they see this content on YouTube main page since algorithm of this platform tries to show only such content which may interest you. This feature is extremely productive then it comes to advertising and popularizing channel’s content.

If someone desires and expects constant grows in popularity, he needs YouTube subscribers. These people are the first who reacts to new content, they provide a stable audience. YouTube subscribers produce views thus increase chance of being exposed to a larger audience of YouTubers. Probably, people have already noticed, that on the main page they rarely see videos with small number of views. So, YouTube subscribers produce a stable audience of viewers and enlarge chances of receiving more profit. If YouTube subscribers are needed to popularize a channel, click here.

YouTube Likes

YouTube likes impact people’s opinion, especially if video-content is advertising a brand or some products. If people see that video has several thousands of likes, they understand that people are fond of what they see. Most of us believe other people. Likes are indicators of high-quality. If a new product is presented to YouTube audience, likes of this content will show that people think positively about this product.

If you want to expand business and are seeking for investors/partners or even creditors, promoted YouTube channel can aid. If content receives views and likes, then this activity shows people’s interest in buying advertised items or services. If potential partners see that content has thousands of likes, they may think that dealing with you will bring profit. If there is a need in promoting YouTube channel using likes, click here.

YouTube Dislikes

It may sound weird, but dislikes also can help. The first thought which comes to mind – ordering YouTube dislikes for competitor’s channel. Of course, such goal can be achieved, though there are ways of using dislikes to own benefit. For example, have anyone ever saw a video without dislikes? No, content always has dislikes. People leave them for different purposes, sometimes because of minor reasons, such as, they don’t like the voice or background music, etc.

If a person orders only likes, YouTubers may get suspicions since videos always receive dislikes. So, with purpose of creating trusting atmosphere, dislikes can be used. Though, most people find this service useful only when it comes to ordering dislikes for competitors’ content. If you need YouTube dislikes, click here.

YouTube Comments

Successful marketing campaign won’t be efficient without positive comments. If business owner uses YouTube channel to record videos of his brand products or services, he can persuade users that they are of high quality by ordering positive comments. Usually, when someone wants to buy a product but he’s not sure which one, people search for feedback. Positive YouTube comments can be considered as such feedback.

YouTubers see that most users thank for purchased items, praise its quality, express their gratitude, so, they consider that this item is worth spending money. Comments are considered as a powerful advertising tool, so, if you want to use it, click here.

YouTube Comment Likes

This feature may not be as popular as simple likes, but it can be used in promoting channels. If under the video are posted some comments which can be used in popularizing content, it’s better to show viewers that these comments are appreciated by others. For example, if one of the subscriber’s comments says something positive about brand products, then creator may order likes for such feedback.

Subscriber would be glad that his comment is praised by others, which will give him a feeling of being special. For video creator such feature also plays an important role – when users see that positive comment is “liked” they understand that the feedback tells the true about product quality. If YouTube comment likes are necessary for your advertising strategy, click here.

YouTube Reshare

Reshares are extremely useful since they expand reach. Content may be reshared in other social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, etc. If a content is shared in these networks, it attracts completely new audience from these networks.

When users of other social platform see shared YouTube video, it’s a possibility that they log in and subscribe or become your customers. So, YouTube reshares increase reach, if you are interested in such opportunity, visit this page.

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