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Twitter page is a must-have for any brand that wants to expand its reach. If business owner wants to make his products or services more popular, then he needs to launch a page in any social network, including Twitter, which is used by his target audience. But page needs followers. One way of attracting followers is comments. But how to persuade people to leave positive comments? You can buy Twitter comments.

Why comments matter?

Followers and retweets are understandable. Followers make sure – customers are informed about updates, new products, discounts, contests and other activity. Retweets help to expand audience. But what about comments? How they help?

Positive feedback always attracts potential customers. Imagine, someone retweets a post, his followers want find out more about the page which posted information. If they see that there is no feedback left, they won’t believe that brand offers quality products since they find no feedback.

And imagine another situation, what tweets are more likely to be shared — those with feedback, or those without comments? Probably, there are more chances that tweets with feedback would be shared more eagerly.

Comments may persuade people — products or services are worth buying them. If people see tweets where other users leave positive comments, then they may become customers. It matters when someone needs to encourage sales rate.

Business owners are not the only people who may use comments in Twitter. Retailers who sell their products using twitter, may also benefit from comments. For example, when a potential customer has doubts about product, positive comments under a Twitter post may change his mind.

At the same time negative comments under Twitter publications may bring positive results. For example, potential purchaser sees negative comments, but account owner answers them calmly and politely.

In such situation possible buyer may think — business owner or retailer tries to find out about reasons which caused negative feedback. He sees that every problem may be fixed. This may lead to establishment of trustful relationship between business owner and his customers. And trust in business really matter.

Activity in Twitter may simply attract people. If they see that page owner is engaged with conversation, they express their thoughts more freely. This allows you to find more about their needs and to offer them what they want.

As you may observe, there are different ways of promoting a business page which help in gaining new customers. Let’s find about other ways which may help in expanding business.

How comments help in expanding business?

Comments under Twitter publications attract not only customers, but also potential investors or business partners. Let’s find out how it works:

  • When investors decide whether it’s profitable to invest into your business, they check everything, including social network accounts. If they see that you are engaged into conversation with customers, find positive feedback, then it is more likely that they will invest into business.
  • If someone wants to expand business and needs credit, he goes to a bank. Bank checks his credit history and other information. You would be surprised, but some of them check social accounts. In such a way they find out how business is going on. If they see that such person has potential, it may persuade them to give credit.
  • New partners also check accounts in social network. In such way, they can analyze whether the deal would bring income.
  • If someone wants to launch new project, or produce new product, he needs to make sure that people would buy it. And Twitter comments may be used to find out what people think about new idea.

So, comments — positive or even negative, help in attracting not only customers, but also investors and new partners. But how to persuade people to comment your page? Nowadays anyone may buy Twitter comments!

One thing everyone should bear in mind — comments have to be left by real people. Not by fake accounts or generated by software, but by genuine Twitter users.

But is it possible to buy real Twitter comments? Yes, it is!

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