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Buy Soundcloud plays

People love Soundcloud since they can listen for free to all music they love. But what is more important – anyone can find new artists with their unique music. Such feature gives young artists a chance to stand out and become popular amongst listeners. But how to stand out if so many artists use Soundcloud? One of the most efficient ways is to buy Soundcloud plays, luckily, they are cheap.

Soundcloud is a chance for young artists to start their musical careers or simply to be paid for their hobbies. Why not? If music brings someone pleasure why not share it with listeners.

But it’s difficult to be noticed. Musicians dream about thousands of shares, downloads and comments under their songs. Such fame gives them inspiration to create new musical compositions. For that reason, such artists buy instant Soundcloud plays for cheap. And no one can say that this is a bad idea since plays do count.

What features give plays on Soundcloud?

When someone buys cheap plays for Soundcloud, he purchases new possible listeners. Consider this process as advertising – nothing illegal. People believe commercials or advertisements on the Internet, and buying Soundcloud plays is the same, only this method is cheap.

No one will argue with the fact that when no one knows about a musician, he won’t become popular. So, any methods of advertising (those, which are legal, of course) have to be applied.

But why plays? Why not reposts or followers? When someone searches new music on Soundcloud, he probably looks at the “What’s trending” list. Anyone can visit Soundcloud main page and explore the Top 50 list. In this list tracks with numerous likes and plays are presented.

Anyone can check this list – in Top 50 you’ll find songs with nearly millions of plays. It seems impossible to reach such number, but the result is definitely worth trying. Even if it takes a while, when someone finally is posted in such list, all millions of visitors may visit authors page and if they like what they hear, follow such artist.

So, if only one song is posted in such list, you’ll gain a chance to boost your popularity. Amongst other advantages of purchasing Soundcloud plays, you’ll find these:

  • New customers. It’s obvious, if a thousand of users will listen to a musical composition, at least some its part will consider a thong worth paying for downloading.
  • New Soundcloud listeners. Real people tend to share what they like, so if they think that a song is really nice, they repost it and all their friends see a song. If such friends listen and like a track, most likely that they at least follow its author to be informed about new songs.
  • If you are seeking for a manager, show him that songs are popular within people on Soundcloud. Managers seek for young talents and want to be sure that listeners will like them. Soundcloud plays are indicators of popularity. It would be profitable to sign a contract with such talented artists.

But if anyone has decided to buy Soundcloud plays, he needs to be sure that he’s buying plays from real people for cheap.

Why is that important? First of all, if someone buys generated plays, they simply raise the number of plays which people see. In reality, money is paid for nothing. A change in the number won’t earn income.

Moreover, account with artificially boosted plays will definitely be banned. So, trust those companies, which offer only Soundcloud plays from real people, for example, Viplikes. It’s a company with five years of experience in the field of selling quality likes, plays, followers on Soundcloud and other social networks for cheap.

Soundcloud plays made by fake accounts are also not an option. It’s almost the same as buying generated plays – only you won’t be blocked for such actions. But still, no progress will be achieved.

Only genuine listeners can help, luckily, anyone may buy them. So, can you buy Soundcloud plays that are made by authentic users? Yes, everyone can!

What are the benefits of buying Soundcloud plays?

Most people get scared when someone speaks about buying real listeners. They think, people will frown upon such means of gaining fame. But think about it – is this method such bad or illegal?

Why someone thinks that buying Soundcloud plays is worse than paying for advertisement? When in a commercial someone says that this specific cough medicine is so good, that it heals you during a day, people don’t think that owner of cough medicine brand is a bad person for advertising his brand. Especially, if this medicine really works.

The same rule can be applied to buying cheap Soundcloud plays – consider it as a cheap form of advertisement. Besides, purchasing them has advantages:

  • It’s cheaper than advertisement. Imagine, ten thousand Soundcloud plays will cost approximately thirty dollars, whuch is really cheap. Notice that these are real people and at least half of them may become new fans or some part will pay for downloading songs. Traditional advertisement will cost much more.
  • Saves time. Artists don’t have to waste precious time on searching fans and listeners. It takes time, sometimes even month, to popularize a song using traditional means of promoting account. If someone buys plays for Soundcloud, they receive immediate result.
  • People are real and active. If musicians find new possible listeners in some other social networks, for example, in Facebook groups, no one knows whether these groups are active and whether they would follow the link to Soundcloud account. While purchased Soundcloud listeners give a hundred percent results.
  • Purchasing real Soundcloud plays won’t attract attention of administration. Generated plays or from fake accounts would be deleted, while real listeners won’t give reasons to check your Soundcloud profile.

But where to buy Soundcloud plays that are made by authentic listeners and which are cheap?

Viplikes – only quality services!

We offer Soundcloud plays from real people, they are active and have preferences, views. So, if they find your music to be of high quality, they may become true fans.

We offer cheap prices, for example, ten thousand listeners would cost only 99.99 dollars. If our customers have questions, we always stay in touch and consult clients almost immediately.

How to buy Soundcloud plays? You need only an email-address and link to a song. Pay for listeners using most convenient method.

If someone needs instant boost of popularity, then buy Soundcloud plays using Viplikes. We offer only quality services for an appealing price.

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