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SoundCloud is a powerful platform which allows artists to gain money from their hobbies. It’s possible to become famous using Internet, especially if someone has talent. Talented but unknown musicians or singers may benefit from using specified social platforms. All they need is quality content. Though, if young artists want to achieve their goals, they must promote their playlists on SoundCloud.

Anyone who has talent may gain profit using SoundCloud. If it’s just a hobby, it can at least bring additional profit. A pleasant and useful way to add to your budget. For such reason artists need quality followers who would actively share, comment and listen to their music. Viplikes can aid in achieving such followers by providing you with quality services. If a person needs to promote his account on SoundCloud, he will receive all necessary tools. We also supply our clients with plays, likes and even quality accounts. Find out more about benefits of each services below.


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Soundcloud Followers

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Soundcloud Likes

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Soundcloud Comments

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Soundcloud Plays


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Soundcloud Accounts

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Soundcloud Downloads

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Soundcloud Reposts

SoundCloud Followers

Who are SoundCloud followers? These are people who appreciate someone’s music, share it with their friends in other social networks, like and comment favorite tracks. SoundCloud followers are the first to find out about updates, new uploads, etc. They are your target audience who play each track, maybe pay to download it. Actually, some part of them transform into customers after purchasing some songs.

At least followers log in into their accounts and play your music. Those artists, who want to achieve money from each stream of a song, monetize their accounts. Even if one stream isn’t profitable enough, when there are thousands of these streams, artist receives relatively big sum of money. So, followers are the first who click and stream songs and popularize your content by reposting it. It’s your stable income and it’s wise to do whatever it takes to obtain such stable audience as SoundCloud followers. If you need instant SoundCloud followers, click here.

SoundCloud Likes

When someone is searching for new music on SoundCloud, he may want to find out about what is currently trending. Luckily, SoundCloud has such category where all popular songs are collected. Usually, one hundred of most popular SoundCloud tracks is presented in this list. Mostly there are tracks which have millions of streams, tons of likes or comments.

Analyzing this information, it’s possible to say that the more likes you have, higher are the chances that your song will be included into this top hundred. Why is it so important to be included into this top? First of all, it’s popularity – your songs will be recognized. Second, you receive new listeners and their number is really huge. And third reason is produced by second – more listeners, higher the profit. If there is a need to promote SoundCloud account using likes, check out this page.

SoundCloud Comments

Some users quietly “like” content, others like it and comment, so that creator finds out about their opinion. Comments, especially positive, play and important role in advertising songs on SoundCloud. For example, comments show that content is popular, even if people simply express gratitude. It’s more likely that new listeners will choose account where tracks are actively commented.

Another reason why SoundCloud comments are important in promoting accounts is that potential managers may become interested in uploaded songs. When they see that people react to songs, leave positive comments, then artist has potential, he is popular in the Internet community and may become famous. So, if an artist considers SoundCloud as start of his musical career, then he definitely should include positive comments into his marketing campaign. If you need comments, click here.

SoundCloud Plays

Most SoundCloud artists dream that one of their songs will be included into “What is trending on SoundCloud” list. Why is this so important? When new or registered listener opens main SoundCloud page, first thing which he sees is this list. So, imagine, all users who visit main SoundCloud page see this list and some of these listeners visit and explore trending list of songs. Chances of receiving completely new and huge audience are extremely high if one of your songs is included into that list.

In this list people find tracks with millions of plays, likes, or even downloads. So, plays can help in reaching huge audience thus obtaining more profit. At the same time, if account is monetized, then each play on SoundCloud brings more money. This means that the more plays a song receives, the higher is the revenue. Even if it’s just a hobby, it may bring additional income. Want to receive instant plays on SoundCloud? Visit this page.

SoundCloud Accounts

Accounts on SoundCloud may be used for different purposes. Artist may obtain account with followers so that he can actively promote his songs. Another reason is obvious – subscribe to main account so that it receives more fans. Using them as marketing tool may allow artists to obtain stable advertisement. For example, musician uploaded new track, he needs to promote it. For that purpose, he logs in into his other accounts and posts comments, leaves likes, streams songs.

Listeners see that other users react to new song and also leave their feedback. Such activity can launch a chain reaction. So, accounts mainly may be used to give an initial boost of popularity to new uploads. Plus, SoundCloud accounts may be used to gather follower and when owner reposts track from main account, followers from additional profiles see this activity. So, new audience may also be obtained from using additional SoundCloud accounts. If there is a need in advertising songs on SoundCloud using accounts, click here.

SoundCloud Downloads

Usually, when people like songs, they prefer to download them and listen whenever they want, not depending on Internet connection. But from artist’s point of view, downloads may be used to obtain new clients.

First of all, listener see that creator of musical compositions allows them downloading his content for free. They may appreciate this opportunity and follow his account. Second, it’s more likely that these people who download tracks, will stream other songs which cannot be downloaded thus producing profit. If you want to use SoundCloud downloads as opportunity to popularize your account, check out this page.

SoundCloud Reposts

If someone is looking for a method of increasing his SoundCloud reach, then the finest and easiest way to achieve this goal is to obtain reposts. Most users have followers of their own, usually these people are friends in real life or simply they have similar tastes. When someone reposts on SoundCloud one of your songs, his friends see this action.

Most listeners will want to find out about this song, so, they stream this track and you gain profit. Plus, users may repost songs using other social platforms thus your reach will be increased even more. If you want to promote your content using SoundCloud reposts, click here.

Viplikes is offering most efficient and productive ways of popularizing your accounts or content on SoundCloud. Quality services aid in achieving your goals. Even if music is just a hobby, Viplikes will help you to achieve additional income produced by this hobby.