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Buy Spotify Plays

Spotify is one of the best platforms to receive profit from created musical compositions and gain popularity within listeners. Anyone can create an account on Spotify and upload his songs, creating Spotify playlists for listeners to enjoy. But what should users do, if their newly created songs receive no attention from listeners? In this case it would be wise to buy Spotify plays.

Spotify plays, or in other word Spotify streams, are gained when someone seeks a specific song, streams it on his device. Such people’s activity counts as plays and if the account is monetized, owner of a musical composition receives revenue.

Of course, there are several factors which should be taken into consideration by the owner of a song, such as finding a distributor on Spotify, deciding what type of fee should he pay him, but owner at least can make sure that his songs are played on Spotify by other people.

Listeners on Spotify don’t buy your songs though they can download it. But it would be better if they play songs online using Spotify since in such case an artist receives more money.

Spotify plays are important for artists but a reasonable question occurs – how can someone advertise his songs so that people will play them?

Spotify is a huge platform, it was founded ten years ago but within such short period of time it managed to become very popular in all the world. So, if users of Spotify are counted in millions, how someone can stand out.

When a new artist creates a profile, he may get discouraged by the fact that his musical compositions don’t attract listeners. A track may be purely unique and in other conditions it would have become a hit song, but on Spotify it doesn’t gain all the plays on Spotify it deserves to receive.

In this case artist has two ways – either forget about additional source of income, or find ways to popularize his musical compositions.

If artist chooses second option, he also has several ways of advertising his songs on Spotify to gain plays. Let’s find out about them.

How to buy Spotify plays?

Spotify plays are worth spending time or money on them, since artist receives revenue. Moreover, after a while he gathers an audience which can be considered as his fan-club. It’ll grow even more, you just have to make a start and launch a chain reaction.

But how should someone start? Here are some ideas which can be used in order to gain Spotify plays:

Ask popular bloggers or even YouTubers who could mention your songs or even use them as background to their videos. Probably most people have noticed how often people in comments ask – what was that song? Blogger may add a link to a song of musician on Spotify so that everyone who liked it would have a chance to play it. Moreover, YouTubers can mention that a song which is currently playing can be found on Spotify. It’s possible, that an artist would have to pay for such advertisement unless blogger is his fan.

  • Leave links of musical compositions or playlists in other social networks. Anyone knows about groups in Facebook or even Twitter, where people add themselves (or they are added by someone else). These groups can be used, especially those which have more than several thousands of active users. Disadvantage of such method is that a person may be banned for spam or people in a group never visit it thus don’t see a link.
  • Buy fake Spotify plays – such method is dangerous since a person may receive a ban or even get blocked. Administration sees such method as fraud and it’s a reasonable definition since usually one or several users create fake accounts.
  • Buy generated Spotify plays – even worse as to buy fake plays. In such case it’s more likely that artist will be blocked. Moreover, no one can be a hundred percent sure that these plays would count as real, meaning that a person may not receive money for them. So, it’s a bad idea to exploit such means.
  • Buy real Spotify plays – one of the best ideas if you don’t want to waste precious time. Buying real plays means that only real people with true identities who exist in real life listen to your songs. These people have real identities, moreover, if they like a song, they may share it with friends thus creating more profit for owner to gain.

So, if someone has time, experience and moral strength to wait for plays come naturally, then he may promote his playlists using first two methods. But if someone wants to gain immediate results, he may buy real Spotify plays.

Benefits of buying real Spotify plays

As it was mentioned above, if someone has time and skills to promote a playlist using social networks or asking bloggers to advertise them, then it’s better to use all the skills he has.

But for those who hates waiting and is an impatient person, then it’s better to buy real Spotify plays.

Real Spotify plays are created by authentic people that come from all corners of the world where Spotify platform operates. This means that administration of Spotify considers these people as AdSense traffic, meaning – it comes from real people.

In such case artists receive their profit and may feel confident in the future of Spotify account since it won’t be blocked.

Amongst advantages of buying real Spotify plays people can find these:

  • Saves time. No one wants to waste precious time, especially if it may be spent more productively – creating new musical compositions. It takes from twelve hours to two full days to receive all plays, so, result is immediate.
  • Real people have own preferences and if they like a song, they may play it several times. Moreover, if they have friends with similar or identical musical tastes, then they can tell them about this song.
  • Real plays won’t attract unnecessary administration attention. Traffic made by authentic people is considered to be AdSense. This means that you won’t be blocked and plays will be considered as real thus they’ll produce income.
  • It’s a cheap way of advertising. Traditional means of advertising cost much more money and there is no guarantee that people would want to listen to musical compositions. Buying Spotify plays guarantees one hundred percent result. For example, you buy three thousand plays and receive this exact quantity of plays.

Some people may be discouraged from purchasing Spotify plays since they think it’s illegal. But on the contrary, such way of promoting a Spotify playlist can be considered as advertisement, but of unusual type since it’s not played on TV or radio. It’s completely legit – you buy not fake or generated Spotify streams, but plays from real people.

Another reason why users refuse to use such idea is that they think – it’s too expensive. It’s not entirely true, there are companies which offer reasonable prices, for example, Viplikes. Customers have to pay only 44.99 dollars for three thousand Spotify plays. So, if someone currently wants to purchase Spotify streams, he knows where to find cheap services.

Viplikes – quality and real Spotify plays

We offer only real Spotify followers who come from various countries. These people have their tastes and preference, they are active and may recommend their friends to listen to your songs.

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So, if there is a need in quality Spotify plays, then anyone may contact us. We offer only quality services for cheap price. We try to make sure that our purchasers stay satisfied with what they have ordered.

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