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Buy Google Plus One Votes

Google+ supplies us with numerous opportunities. We may share news, pictures with each other, post important information, or simply amuse each other with creative content, etc. But most importantly Google supplies us with a chance to analyze people’s opinion, which may help us in promoting business or find out about what people prefer to see in a blog, etc. Anyone may create a poll in Google+, and for some reasons, users may need votes of a specific choice. In such case account holders may buy Google Plus One Votes.

Why people create Google+ polls?

Google is known for producing and launching useful analytic tools and solutions, and polls in Google Plus may be considered as one of such tools.

Using polls business holders, bloggers, novelists, actually everyone can find out about people’s opinion. If a novelist wants to find out about reception of his books by readers, then he may create a poll. If a brand holder desire to create an interesting logo, but has different logo prototypes, then he may ask his follower’s opinion since they are his target audience and potential or actual customers.

When someone wants to find out visitor’s opinion upon specific events, account owners may use such option. If creator of a poll writes several words about the voting and asks users to express personal thoughts in comments, he finds out more about visitor’s decisions, specifically, why they have chosen this option over other choices, etc.

Of course, no poll can be useful without votes. When creating a poll, user can add, for example, several photos (up to five) and add choices. If a brand owner wants to find out which product packaging is best received by customers, he can add pictures of these packaging and add choices. His Google Plus followers will choose the best option.

Luckily, not only Google Plus followers may vote, all users who know about the voting can choose available options. So, it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t have followers, he can buy Google Plus One votes if he needs.

Polls can be created with several intentions, not only to find out about people’s opinion. For example, people are reluctant about voting in some poll, if account owner buys Google+ votes, he can launch a chain reaction – people see that other visitors vote, so, they decide to leave their opinion.

But what to do if people are reluctant to vote? Or if someone needs specific results and votes of only one choice? In such case people may buy Google Plus votes.

Buying Google Plus votes – what are the advantages?

Polls sometimes are launched for other reasons than to find out about people’s opinion. When people need Google Plus votes of a specific choice, they can’t just tell people – please, vote for the choice number “1”.

There is a way out – buy Google Plus votes. But be sure that you buy real votes, meaning that they come from people who exist in real life.

There are three options which anyone can find in the Internet, and these are buying real Google Plus votes, from fake accounts or generated by software. The first one is the option which has to be chosen.

Speaking about last two options – votes on Google Plus from fake accounts won’t work. First of all, now it’s difficult to create several Google accounts since service asks for verification of phone number. Unless a person has several hundreds of phone number, it would be difficult to create such number of accounts on Google Plus which would influence poll results.

Secondly, Google will notice activity from fake accounts and can block them, delete votes, and may ban creator of a poll.

Generated by software votes on Google Plus also lead users into danger. Malicious software is considered as fraud and usually owner of a page gets blocked. Such actions lead to drastic results, especially if a page on Google Plus had numerous followers. Because of this punishment page owner would be obliged to create and promote new page on Google Plus.

So, if you buy Google Plus votes, make sure that a company who sells them produces votes from real people. Usually such companies have experience and exist for several years. For example, Viplikes has a great reputation since offers only real votes from existing people. Plus, it has more than five years of experience.

As it was mentioned above, votes on Google Plus supply users with several abilities, such as finding out about customer’s opinion, launching a chain reaction. But there are even more options which active Google Plus page owners may use to their benefit.

Amongst other benefits of creating polls on Google Plus, you may find these:

  • Creating good reputation. For example, a brand owner has a product, he wants his customers to see that it is well-received by Internet users. So, he creates a poll with product photo, question and two (or three) choices. For example, “Was this product useful?” and choices – yes/no. Then he buys votes of the choice “yes” and potential customers who were deciding whether to buy this product or not, will make up their mind and buy it.
  • Launching a chain reaction – some users may abstain from voting, especially if no one votes. In such situation account owner may buy real Google Plus votes, which will create a vision that people vote. These actions will persuade other visitors to vote voluntarily.
  • Creating an active page. Active pages where owner interacts with his followers create a positive image of an organization. If you are looking for new customers, investors or partners, then an active page will persuade people that dealing with you is a good idea, since you actively interact with followers. Votes help in creating such picture.

The only question which occurs, where to find an organization which sells Google Plus votes. Votes for Google Plus are not that common, so can someone find a company with good reputation which sells quality services for Google Plus accounts?

Viplikes – real and cheap Google Plus votes

Most organizations focus on services which are most popular within Internet users, completely ignoring other services which also bring income and progress. We offer our clients to buy all reactions from almost all available social platforms.

Our Google Plus votes are quality since only real people take part in polls. We have never been using and will never use fake accounts or bot-software. We understand that such actions may result in drastic punishments from administration.

Why choosing us?

Amongst the advantages of dealing with us, you will find such benefits:

  • Offer only quality Google Plus votes from real people. Google Plus visitors from different countries, of different age and gender, leave votes of those choice that our clients need. Their profiles are aged, meaning that they weren’t created overnight.
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