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LinkedIn is a very powerful and functional social network. Most people think that only companies use it to find new workers or business partners, workers, etc., exploit it to stay in touch. Though, some users exploit it as means of receiving profit. Naturally, since LinkedIn has so many tools which help in earning income, for example, LinkedIn endorsements. They are very convenient. It’s not that easy to gain them, but there is a simple and quick method – buy LinkedIn endorsements.

LinkedIn has various tools which indicate that an account owner is a reliable person and has professional skills and abilities. For example, huge number of followers indicate that users consider account holder to be skillful.

But endorsements have a greater value. They show other people’s opinion. Users leave feedback about what skills in their opinion possess account holder. But that’s not the only advantage that LinkedIn endorsements have, let’s find out.

Benefits of LinkedIn endorsements

LinkedIn endorsements are left by other people. A person can’t leave endorsements in his own account, only in someone else’s profile. But this is why it is so valuable – it shows what people think about a person’s professional skills.

Usually users leave endorsements after they have worked with a person. For example, one of the users ordered recently services, connected with marketing. This person is completely satisfied with what he has received. So, he leaves “Marketing” endorsement.

These endorsements are convenient for account holders since everyone can see what users think about the quality of their services, or digital/physical products, etc.

If someone visits a profile of another user, he needs to find skills section of a page, it’s placed below personal information. Then he finds numerous skills, when he places a mouse cursor upon the sign of a skill, he sees a plus. A person needs to click on this plus to add a skill. But before he clicks, below he sees icons of other people who also added this skill.

So, first of all, endorsements may be considered as a reliable advertisement – people express their opinion about quality of received work, products or services. This is why some people buy endorsements on LinkedIn – it’s a good and relatively cheap way of advertising.

But that’s not the only benefit. If someone on LinkedIn looks for a worker with skills that are required for the job, he uses internal search machine on LinkedIn and enters a word, for example, editing. Search engine of LinkedIn processes all users with that have skills “editing”. It’s obvious, that people that have more skills pop up in higher positions.

Same rule works if someone has business. If people search those who offer best services, products, etc., they will prefer to rely on those who has more LinkedIn endorsements.

So, that means that endorsements may enlarge the chances of receiving new clients or even finding a dream job, which means that it’s a good idea to buy LinkedIn endorsements.

How to earn LinkedIn endorsements

Not many methods are used to gain endorsements. Actually, there are only two ways of receiving them. Either you wait for a long period of time, so that other people decide to add skills to your profile, or you buy endorsements on LinkedIn.

First method can take years. No one knows whether he’ll receive skills from customers or other users. But if someone buys LinkedIn endorsements, he receives immediate results.

There are several advantages of buying endorsements on LinkedIn:

  • Receive immediate results – a person won’t need to spend month on waiting when someone adds skills to a LinkedIn profile.
  • When someone searches for a person with special skills, those who bought LinkedIn endorsements pop up in higher positions. This gives higher chances that a person who searched for a specific skill will become your customer. Or in case someone is looking for a job, the chances are higher that he’ll receive a good position in a company.
  • If someone buys endorsements on LinkedIn, he pays for advertisement, rather than for skills. When people who may become customers, check skills in a profile, it’s likely that they will contact account owner.

But where someone can find a company which sells LinkedIn endorsements. It’s difficult to find such company, since LinkedIn endorsements are a rare offer.

Viplikes – endorsements on LinkedIn from real people

We offer LinkedIn endorsements only from real people, which means that if someone checks your skills, he’ll see that only authentic users have left endorsements. This means that customers will trust you.

We have low prices, for example, a pack of a hundred LinkedIn endorsements will cost only 29.99 dollars. Plus, we always offer discounts.

Viplikes makes sure that each client is satisfied. We stay in touch so that anyone can contact us and ask questions or receive help in case of some issues. If there is a need to buy LinkedIn endorsements, contact us and our managers will immediately complete your order.

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