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LinkedIn can be considered as social network for professional purposes. Users exploit it mostly to build contacts in order to receive better job offer, to find new partners, clients, simply to stay in touch with colleagues. It was created in order to connect people who want to find a better job or for those who prefers hiring people who fit better for a position in their company.

But LinkedIn may be used for other purposes. An existing company needs LinkedIn official business account since it adds to their reputation as professionals. Plus, official LinkedIn page may be used for advertising your services or products. Bloggers may also benefit from posting interesting articles and sharing it with all their connections on LinkedIn. Some writers manage to earn thousands of dollars simply for writing interesting content. But no progress will be made without LinkedIn followers, shares or even endorsements. LinkedIn features, such as connections, followers or endorsements help in promoting accounts and gaining huge revenue. Discover more about these features below.


LinkedIn Followers USA Photo

Linkedin Followers

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Linkedin Shares

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Linkedin Connections

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Linkedin Accounts


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Linkedin Endorsements

LinkedIn Followers

A business page on LinkedIn definitely needs those who follow it. Doesn’t matter when a follower logs in into his account, he will receive notifications about news which were posted. If a business page is dedicated to sales, then it can be used to inform people about discounts, news, new products or services, etc. But for this purpose, business page on LinkedIn needs followers.

Followers are useful for bloggers who write interesting and unique articles. When they publish in their blogs new articles, they may inform their followers. LinkedIn followers can be considered as constant audience. If a page is dedicated to brand products, then these followers may be transformed into constant customers. Followers on LinkedIn are essential if you want to expand your business or find new readers. You can obtain LinkedIn followers here.

LinkedIn Shares

When people spread something using Internet, it may become well-known. If a brand holder wants his products to become recognized, he needs people who share his posts. The same rule works for bloggers, if they write articles and leave links on LinkedIn, they need shares. Posts on LinkedIn may be shared inside this platform, or registered users may share it in other networks.

If someone wants to enlarge his reach either inside, or outside LinkedIn, they need shares. When people share posts, all those who follow them see these publications. Such activity may bring new readers (if we talk about bloggers), or new customers (in case it’s a business page). Shares indicate that it is popular content and it’s worth reading – otherwise why would people share it, if it isn’t useful? So, it’s a powerful tool which can be using in page advertisement. If there is a need in quality LinkedIn shares, find them here.

LinkedIn Connections

It’s a feature which cannot be found in other social networks since its main purpose is to create business connections. Usually connections indicate that a person have worked with these people or offered them services. Connections on LinkedIn can be useful for those, who want to find a dream job – head hunters may believe that such person is highly professional.

LinkedIn connections in business can be considered as recommendations. If so many people are connected with this page, then it must provide quality services, doesn’t it? Plus, maybe these people have decided to stay connected with this page because they want to order something again in the future. LinkedIn connections can be successfully used to promote a brand page. To achieve them, click here.

LinkedIn Accounts

At least for two reasons people may need LinkedIn accounts. First of all, someone wants to start a business page, or to find a job. In both these cases aged profiles with connections, endorsements or even followers may come in handy.

Second, several LinkedIn accounts can be used permanently in a marketing strategy. For example, a blogger recently posted new article, he needs readers, so he uses additional accounts and shares a post from his main profile. If his additional accounts have followers, then it’s possible that they will read this article, or even reshare or comment. LinkedIn accounts may be used for promoting your page, if you need them, click here.

LinkedIn Endorsements

Another interesting feature which also can be found only in LinkedIn. Endorsements show which skills you have, but not in account’s owner opinion – from the point of view of other LinkedIn users. It’s obvious, that such feature can be used to promote your account so recruiters would offer a fine job position. But there are other ways of using endorsements.

If a business page has hundreds of endorsements from different people, then this page will pop up more often in respond to search requests. So, it’s an excellent way of advertising page content and to gain new clients. If there is a need in LinkedIn endorsements, check out this page.

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