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Buy Facebook friend requests

Some of us use Facebook accounts as means to communicate with loved ones, relatives, etc. Others need them to promote blogs or even business pages. One good way to tell about yourself and your activity to other people, is to achieve Facebook friends requests. But how can we gain these friends? How to find those who could appreciate the content of your page? People can buy Facebook friend requests.

Buying Facebook friends — what is the idea?

People can’t write URL addresses of their Facebook profiles on various websites and ask to add them as friends. This method doesn’t work. Besides, if someone needs FB requests, he probably wants to achieve some goal and not just to add fake accounts.

If you are asking yourself can you buy Facebook friends, then the answer is yes. But the results may be different. For example, one can buy fake Facebook friends — accounts that doesn’t belong to real people; and one can purchase Facebook friends with real identities.

The first group won’t make any difference to you — these accounts won’t share your posts, won’t be interested in your activity and won’t become customers if you are promoting your business.

The second group can get interested in your activity, may share the posts you publish, invite their friends to see your page, etc. So you buy Facebook friends online which means that these users would be active and may share your posts.

It is obvious that if someone buys real Facebook friends, they get more opportunities since these users are active. But how to buy friends on Facebook? Let’s find out!

Viplikes — buy requests on Facebook

Most companies will sell only requests from fake accounts. But what is the benefit of purchasing such requests? If you think about it, you won’t manage to find at least one advantage.

Let’s imagine, someone bought five hundred requests from fake accounts. You add, but after these accounts may be deleted by Facebook administration. You must know that suspicious accounts are regularly checked by moderators.

So, you won’t achieve progress, you only get inactive followers. But there is a way to gain real FB requests from actual people.

Viplikes has several websites with versatile content. A huge audience of visitors is interested in the content of the site, if they want to achieve it for free, they need to add someone to their friends list or to like someone’s page.

We offer you such system:

  • You order a number of requests.
  • Our manager takes your order.
  • He asks people to add you.
  • You achieve a number of requests.

Everything is simple, if you need, you can even buy USA Facebook friends if you are interested only in the citizens of your country.

Another benefit of our service is that you pay for Facebook friends but the price is reasonable. So, if you need to buy Facebook friends requests, you already know where to order them.

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