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Buy Facebook post shares

When someone has a page dedicated to business activity, or to other activity, for example, someone has a blog, then he regularly creates posts. They may explain what owner does in this life or notify about news. But they need to be seen, and for that we need shares. Where to find them? Buy Facebook post shares!

Why Facebook shares are so important?

Most likely that every user of Facebook already knows about the algorithm of showing posts in News Feed. Firstly, a user sees posts or photos made by close friends, then by other users and only then posts made by preferred pages.

When someone shares in Facebook, this action is shown to all his friends. For example, Mark has a hundred friends, he shares Facebook post, and in a News Feed of some of his hundred friends this action may be shown. Which means, that some Facebook friend may want to find out what is it about.

It is obvious that if a post is shared by numerous people, it will gain its owner popularity. More users will follow the page. Facebook users may get interested in the activity of its owner, may become new customers if the page is dedicated to business. Moreover, this shared Facebook news are shown in the user’s profile. So if a friend that haven’t seen it yet, visits his page, he’ll find out about it.

Most of the studies dedicated to Google rankings say that shares give a higher position in Google search. So if you have a website with an official Facebook page, your posts that have more shares will gain a higher rankings.

But there is a problem. How to make people to share? Most of them share something that may amuse friends, that have important meaning. But how people may hear about them if they simply don’t see them in the News Feed? There is a solution — buy real Facebook post shares

How to achieve real Facebook post shares?

You can’t just write down somewhere the URL address of a newly created post and ask people to share it. It doesn’t work like that.

You may pay for the Facebook ad and it’ll show its content to a higher number of people. But let’s face it, the Facebook ad is expensive and works only while you pay for it. The better idea is to buy real Facebook post shares.

What are real Facebook shares that you buy? These are the shares made by real people. They come from all the corners of our world. If they share a Facebook post, their friends see these posts in their News Feed.

But how to buy such buy Facebook post shares? You can order them on Viplikes!

Viplikes advantages

Our company offers Facebook shares from real accounts. They belong to real people, they aren’t fake and created overnight. Facebook shares that are made by such users have value to business since shares are shown only to real people.

We created and launched a mechanism that always gain real shares for our customers. This is how it works:

  • Some of our created websites have content that is shown to people only if they log in to a Facebook account and share a Facebook post.
  • If a customer orders a number of shares, our manager asks people to share it. As payment, they receive free content.

As you can see, everyone receives their goals. You gain the needed number of Facebook shares, users receive free content.

If you buy real Facebook post shares, then you launch the natural process of expanding your reach on Facebook. The more people spread the news, the more users see them. Besides, if you compare this method with Facebook advertisement, you may see another benefit — it is cheaper.

Another advantage is that the popularity of the post only grows after you buy Facebook post shares, meaning that even when you no longer need new spreads, the reach grows. But when you turn off Facebook advertisement, no one sees the posts.

We offer you spreads from people that may get interested in the content of a page. It is convenient when the page is dedicated to business activity, to a blog, or to some other activity. If you need active users with opinion, then you can buy real Facebook post shares.

If you want to buy Facebook post shares, then complete simple steps:

  • Choose the option that fits best into your marketing concept — from fifty to five thousand shares.
  • Under the offer find two fields — in the first enter the valid e-mail, in the second — URL of a post/page/photo that you want to be spread.
  • Choose “Get it now”.
  • You will need to fill in the billing information.
  • Our manager receives the order and starts to promote the post.

An order may be completed in the time span between twelve to sixty hours, depending on the number of spreads. If there are different posts to be shared, then the order may be distributed between different Facebook posts.

To conclude, advertisement works only when you pay for it while gained shares promote natural grows of posts popularity. Only once you buy Facebook posts shares, but the reach continues to grow. So whenever a need to buy real Facebook posts shares occurs, contact Viplikes.

Customer reviews

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