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All the emotions are 100% real! Come from all over the world. Likes start within 1 to 12 hours. Speed is average of 50 to 200 likes per day. Emotions can be splitted between different post.

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Buy Facebook emotion post likes

At the beginning Facebook provided us only with simple method of evaluating posts or photographs – likes or dislikes. Using first one profile owners expressed positive feelings, latter was used to express disgust, disapproval and other negative feelings. But now more emotions are implemented into Facebook system. These emotions are a good way of promoting ideas on social network. But where to gain them? The answer is simple – buy Facebook emotion post likes.

Why thumbs-up and emotions make difference?

Why one can’t simply purchase likes? They express positive feelings, such as approval or consent, so why someone needs emojis? To create more realistic picture. Hoe can thousands of people approve one post or page.

Users are different, they have own views and preferences, different moods, so it can’t be real if all likes only approve. Besides, a post’s popularity is not about approval, but about popularity.

Promoting ideas, brands, blogs can be difficult. At the beginning page has no followers, likes or emotions under posts. So, main idea is to tell people about created page. When a recently created or old page has only five ratings and likes without dislikes, it looks artificial. People won’t believe the owner and its content.

So why not use different emojis? Even with angry faces? Don’t be afraid that users will be discouraged from reading post information. When they see post or page touched so many people’s feelings, they will want to know about the post.

If you visit any official page of any brand or company, you will see that under their posts people leave different emotions. Some angry smiles also are included. And at the same time posts are extremely popular.

So can emoticons, especially negative ones, help you? As the matter of fact, they can. You would be surprised how negative emotions and comments help to create a more trustful atmosphere between page’s owner and his clients or fans.

When someone leaves a negative emoticon and a comment, what should an owner do? Ignore it? Or respond in same manner? No, best idea is to show politeness. When other users see that page’s owner responds calmly to all negative emotions, they trust this person.

Studies have shown that people tend to believe those people that try to fix the situation by responding to negative feedback. Which means that buying emoticons is a good way to show yourself as a reliable, confident and polite person that can be trusted.

Other emoticons also count. For example, a new product is going to be produced. Business owner created a logo, made a photo and posted the product in his page. He needs to make sure that his consumers will meet news in most advantageous way.

To do this, he may purchase most suitable emotions, such as “hearts” or “wow”. These are the best emotions to express happiness, surprise and adoration. When other users see that people like this product, they get interested and may purchase it.

Another reason why emotions are useful, is that Facebook shows such posts more regularly. Algorithm is showing only such information that profile owners may love. Something that can give benefit, etc. And when algorithm “sees” emoticons, he starts showing a post more frequently.

News Feed is overloaded with different information, so it is essential to get into top. Most users never roll down their News Feed for too long, they get distracted by friend’s posts and photos.

Emoticons may help in getting to top ten. Which makes it easier to find new customers, fans or investors. But how can someone make people leave certain emojis.

Viplikes – emoticons from real people

Company can provide clients with emoticons that are left by real Facebook users. We know how to promote various pages and personal profiles, but this is not the only benefit:

Years of experience which means that we work efficiently.

We provide emoticons made only by real users. This means that profiles are filled with personal information, tastes, pictures. Users have friends that are real.

Process of ordering and getting the order is simple. Clients just need to apply their emails and URL of pages or posts. Then comes a quick procedure of filling billing information. No one will ask you to log in on some site using Facebook account password.

Choose one of five options that are represented on our website. Fill all needed information and after a while order will be completed.

Emoticons may be spread between different posts, so make sure to inform us if you want such service. Average speed of leaving emojis – from fifty to two hundred emoticons a day.

Our customers trust us since we offer emotion likes from real people. We don’t ask confidential information. Our method is simple and efficient and prices are low. If there is a need to buy Facebook emotion post likes, then Viplikes is at your service.

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