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Buy comments on Facebook

Have you ever wondered how Facebook sorts the posts? Why some posts pop out as top news in the Facebook News Feed and others are hidden? Because of the comments, of course. If a post has them, Facebook shows it to a larger audience. This is why sometimes it is wise to buy comments on Facebook.

Why do you need Facebook comments?

It doesn’t matter, weather you want to promote personal Facebook profile or your page on Facebook, comments are essential. Likes are good, they show that content is interesting and unique, but comments are more preferable, especially for business.

Likes and followers on Facebook are important since they gain you more customers. But Facebook comments may encourage other users to find out more about what you do or sell.

  • When a possible client sees that numerous feedback options are written to express users’ interest, he will understand that you can be trusted.
  • If a possible investor visits a Facebook page and sees all the commentaries, then he may understand that cooperation with you will gain him profit.

All you have to understand is that generated remarks may get you into trouble. Facebook regularly checks the network to find and block fake Facebook accounts and to delete generated commentaries and likes. If the page has dozens of remarks and likes that are generated by specific software programs, then you may receive a ban.

There is a way out — buy real Facebook comments. By the word “real” we mean commentaries that are left by real users with authentic identities. They can leave you feedback so you can promote a business page or personal blog on Facebook.

Users that have real identities behind their Facebook accounts have many advantages. A probable investor or really meticulous buyer may want to investigate the Facebook profiles of people that leave comments on the page. If they see that there is no information about the user, no photos, posts or activity, moreover, the account is created two weeks ago, they won’t believe that the feedback is real. They will decide that you are not a trustworthy person.

But if real people leave their feedback on Facebook, a person who visits his profile will see that the user has the true identity. He has friends, posts thoughts, photos, videos, fills personal information, etc.

If you want to make the best out of Facebook comments, you may answer them. Imagine what would think a possible client or investor if he sees numerous commentaries with your answers? They will think that you care about your reputation, about customers’ or followers’ needs.

Such activity will encourage your real customers to interact with you. They will understand that you have interest in them and their views. So, if you buy Facebook comments, you make your page on Facebook more popular and active.

But is it possible to achieve these real comments? The answer is yes. Let’s find out where to find these comments.

Buy real comments on Viplikes

Our company has more than five-year experience in the field of promoting business and fan pages, personal profiles on Facebook by using only real comments and likes. We understand how comments influence the Facebook algorithm — only posts with appropriate comments are shown to a huge Facebook audience.

If spam comments that are left by bots are recognized by Facebook system, then they may be deleted and you may be banned. This will negatively influence your business or fan page. While real comments may catch the attention of probable customers or followers.

How do we work

We have numerous websites with interesting and unique content, such as games, music, etc. If someone wants to receive free access to this content, then they have to leave comments on your post, page, photo or profile.

In such a way these people are get paid to comment on Facebook — they receive free content. And you gain new real comments. If the content of the page represents interest to such person, he may become your customer, or share your page/post so that his friends could see it. This process launches the natural promotion of a page.

Comments are left by people from different countries, different ages and interests. If you want to make sure that comments are appropriate, write your own and send them to us. We will publish them wherever you prefer —under different posts, photos, or under the whole page etc.

If you need to buy Facebook comments, then you may visit our page and choose the best option — from five to a hundred comments.

  • When you choose, leave your e-mail address and URL of your page/post/photo.
  • Make sure that everything is correct and click the get it now button.
  • Comments will appear with natural speed, meaning that they won’t appear simultaneously. From twelve hours to two days the order will be completed.

Now you can use these comments to promote your page. Only real people will leave their comments, or you can write your own comments and they will leave them. And an opportunity to buy comments on Facebook is available only on Viplikes.

Customer reviews

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